Green Screen

Tips and Tricks

Do’s and Don’ts


Wear Contrasting Colors

Do not wear green, as you will blend into the background, and the chroma key will make whatever green article of clothing you are wearing disappear. t wear colors that are on the other side of the color wheel to help avoid any potential mistakes.


Dresses (Video Only)

We use lapel microphones in our studio, so if you wear a dress we’ll have nowhere to secure the microphone pack to. We’d usually use a belt loop / inside pocket for this. If you must wear a dress then we will break out a high tech solution to the problem: we’ll gaffer tape it to your back!


Silver and Gold Jewelry

 Small and subtle silver and gold jewellery doesn’t usually present any problems, but big or flashy pieces can cause light to be reflected off it or shimmers to appear in the image, so it’s best to keep jewellery minim


Stripes or Patterns

Besides the fact that brightly colored and patterned clothing can be very distracting; it can also cause wavy patterns or shimmers to appear on the film.  This happens because of the way the cameras and lighting capture patterns in a green screen environment, it just doesn’t work well.


Best to Wear

With such a long list of things not to wear you’re probably wondering what you can safely wear.  We suggest neutral or pastel colours (except pastel green!)  For ladies in particular it’s best to put some makeup on or the green room lighting can end up making you look washed out and pale.



Glasses, especially very strong ones, can play havoc in the green room.  Different lights used to light the green screen area or on the camera can be reflected off the lenses in glasses.  It’s also possible for glasses to reflect green from the green screen, so wherever possible you should swap your glasses for contact lenses during filming.


Shiny Clothing/Makeup

Shiny clothing/makeup should not be worn for the same reason as stripes and patterns, the shine from the clothing/makeup can cause a shimmer to appear on the image.


No Unruly Hair

If you have wild unruly hair then you can look like you have green highlights when you are being filmed in a green screen studio. The green from the screen struggles to get through the fine gaps between your hair strands. Unfortunately, the magic button simply can’t take away all of this green and we end up losing some of your hair when we try to take the green out! If you have unruly hair, tie it up. (Or don’t wash it for a few days and use a can of hairspray.)

Location Information

We are located at:

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When to Show Up

Please show up 15 minutes early to your appointment, and notify the receptionist who you are and that your here for a Photoshoot with Nu Interactive Media.