Creativity is Our Passion

Nu Interactive Media provides businesses with Graphic design, Web Design, and Media Creation Services. We are All about Accelerating your brand on the internet and through other media channels. We work closely with our parent company Clark-Ritchotte Communications to provide all web design clients top-notch web hosting built for companies that want to showcase their business.

Serving Orlando's Media Community since 2015

Creativity is Part of our Family

Nu Interactive Media is a family owned creative agency that gets small business and enterprise requirements. When Matthew Clark first started Nu Interactive Media he wanted to share his creative visions with other companies that needed to accelerate their brand on the internet and through other media channels.  

Our Services

Whether the goal is a new corporate identity, an online marketing campaign, a website design, or a media ideation, our core process remains the same. We start with a core team, representing key disciplines including marketing, social media, public relations, and creative. Later in the Ideation process, the entire agency is called into a brainstorm, measure, and review results, with the client, involved each step of the way to ensure that their vision is being met.

Media Ideation

We cover the entire process from brainstorming, Pre-Production (videography), Post Production, Distribution

Web Design

We design Custom WordPress templates to match your businesses brand and Identity.

Graphic Design

We provide Quick-To-Market graphic design assets for use in advertisements, social media, and more.

Live Show Production

In conjunction with our media ideation we can even stream live productions using our Blackmagic ATEM equipment 

Brand & Identity Management

Your business’s brand and identity is the most important thing to its success, let us help develop and manage it.

Social Media Management

Most businesses do not have time to manage thier own Soical media to help grow thier business, let our team automate that so you can focus on your business.


SavvyMatthew Provides helpful articles on all things technology to help you to discover ways to improve your life.

CoasterNinja is a Roller Coaster and Theme Park Blog that encompasses all the latest news. We post on about Planet coaster and roller coaster science.

Our Mission

We are a creative agency that gets brands and people to connect. Our designs and campaigns don’t just talk, they listen, understand, and emote. We admire both those who create the box and think outside it. People over profit, innovation over idleness, fun over flat; we want the ideas we build to inspire. In the end, we just love designing interaction, and we want that interaction to have meaning.